Sunday, January 06, 2008

IT Education Stocks - Update

Today's ET has two articles on the Education sector -

1). Education sector new learning curve for investors

In 2007, companies such as Educomp Solutions posted whoppping returns of 374%, while Everonn Systems, which got listed in August 2007, gave returns of 130% in five months in 2007. That’s a lot of money. Not far behind are the old horses such as Aptech and NIIT, which fetched returns of 162% and 124%, respectively, in 2007. Not to forget another emerging IT Education company - Core Projects & Technologies - that delivered over 250% returns during 2007.

2). Business of education catches on with India Inc.

It's boom time for the education sector in India as the concept of 'business of education' catches on with India Inc. Considered a 'social responsibility' all these years till now and plagued by insufficient infrastructure, the Indian education sector has huge room for improvement.


Listed stocks in the IT Education space did well in 2007. Can they repeat their performance in 2008? My feeling is Yes, unless the bull run come to an end.

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