Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Indian farmer cheers the new US energy bill...

There is a long article on how the Indian farmer stands to benefit from the passage of the new US Energy Bills that is expected to result in a big demand for biofuels, and therefore for commodities used in producing the same, viz. sugar, corn, etc.

Read the entire article here.

For those of us who have invested in Monsanto India (based on 1 & 2), here's what Chairman of Monsanto India had to say in the aforesaid article:

" Money in hand, farmers are eagerly shopping for the next level of technology, be it drip irrigation or hybrid seeds, because they are more sure of profit. “When farmers succeed, we succeed. Seed and technology companies play a critical role in increasing yield and productivity. We believe the potential is enormous, and the belief is finding more believers,’’ says Sekhar Natarajan, chairman at Monsanto India."

Btwn, the stock has moved up dramatically in the last few trading sessions, up from Rs.1550 (when it was first mentioned on this blog) to Rs.2,170 at the close of trading yesterday.

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Enjoying New year with Monsanto :)