Friday, July 13, 2007

When will I learn - "When to Sell Stocks"..???

I had invested in Ankur Drugs more than a year ago at around Rs.92 per share.....but sold out recently at around Rs.200 per share. Since then the damn thing has appreciated by a phenomenal 120% and is currently quoting at around Rs.440 per share :( :( :(

this has happend to me quite a few times in the past....more often than not i've ended up selling far too early.......a few examples -

> opto circuits - bought @ 150, sold out @ 250 (cum-bonus)
> indiainfoline - bought @ 87, sold out @ a marginal profit...dont remember the price...
> Union bank of india - bought @ IPO price, sold out at Rs.80 odd......

.....and a few more!!!

When Will I Learn, When to Sell ???????????


Prasanth said...


I think you really should not bother about this at all. You sold because you had reasons to do so. No use thinking about how much you woulkd have gained if you had waited some more time - as you very well know, you cannot time the market.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha..But then I always say that its better to sell at a profit, however, small it may seem in hindsight. Greed, after all, has been the reason for many a great downfall