Friday, August 04, 2006

Toyota > 2 * (General Motors + Ford + Daimler Chrysler)

Toyota reported a stellar performance for the quarter ended June 2006. Net profits increased by 39.2 per cent to 371.5 billion yen ($3.23 billion). The sharp rise in PAT came on the back of 13 per cent growth in topline to 5.64 trillion yen ($49 billion). Read the full article here. Toyota is the world's most profitable car manufacturer. At the end of 2005, it produced 7.1 million cars, the second most. General Motors produced the most (9.04 million cars).

The top five producers are:
1). General Motors - 9.04 million
2). Toyota - 7.1 million
3). Ford - 6.4 million
4). Volkswagen - 5.17 million
5). Daimler Chrysler - 4.3 million

However, by market capitalisation the equation is a little different (well, actually a lot different):

Toyota > 2* (GM + Ford + Daimler Chrysler)

Toyota's mcap = USD 173 bln
GM's mcap = USD 18 bln
Ford's mcap = USD 13.2 bln
Daimler Chrysler = USD 52.2 bln

Thought: With a mcap of USD 6 bln, what will it take for one of India's largest auto companies - Tata Motors to make a hostile bid on Ford Motors, which has a mcap of a mere USD 13.2 bln. for thought for Mr. Ratan Tata. Silly many will think.....but why should any Indian company - be it Maruti Suzuki or Tata Motors not make this bid?????

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