Sunday, March 09, 2008

Readings: Ten Great Investors (Warren Buffet, Phil Fisher...etc)

The following links provide a brief overview of ten great investors, viz.

Warren Buffett - Buffett is widely regarded as the most successful investor of all time, with a compound return of around 22.3% over 36 years.

T Rowe Price - Price published a sample family portfolio to show how he had turned $1,000 invested in 1934 into $271,201 by the end of 1972 - a compound return of about 15.4% over 39 years.

Philip A Fisher

Kenneth L Fisher

Jim Slater

Peter Lynch - During his tenure at Magellan, Lynch averaged 29% compound over 13 years. This remains a record for funds of this size.

Ralph Wanger - The Acorn Fund returned 17.2% annually between 1970 and 1998, against a return from the S&P500 index of 14.4%.

William O'Neil - 'Neil's track record has had its ups and downs, particularly during and just after the 'go-go' years of the Sixties. But he is thought to have averaged an annual return of over 40% on his personal account in the ten years up to 1989

Sir John Templeton - From 1954-2000, the Templeton Growth Fund averaged gains of around 15% a year.

John Neff - The average annual total return from the Windsor Fund during Neff's 32-year tenure was 13.7%, against a return from the S&P500 index of 10.6%.

The entire article can be accessed here. Nice read.

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