Saturday, December 22, 2007

The case of Missing 'bathrobes' at Le Meridien

Someone I know happened to visit one of Le Meridien's hotels recently. He gave me an interesting note he found attached to the 'bathrobes' at Le Meridien's. Here's how it goes...

"This bathrobe has enjoyed considerable success among our guests, to the extent that some particularly enthusiastic customers have become "collectors of Le Meridien bathrobes". While we recognize that this initiative helps spread the reputation of our establishment, we nevertheless urge our most fervent supporters to make an effort to separate themselves from this admittedly endearing garment when they leave. (Alternately, a bathrobe may be obtained in exchange for a few rupees)."

This is one of the most awesome "even if sarcastic" messages I've come across. Good one, Le Meridien !

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