Monday, August 14, 2006

An Eye on Three Commodities

Three interesting commodities to keep an eye at... for various reasons

1. Rice (USD/100 pounds)

Has risen ~56% from its Jan/Mar 05 lows and threatening the 2004 highs. More consumers lesser land available (China, USA) and ofcourse our old friend the Weather.

2. Cocoa (GBP/mt)

The recent sell-off on Cocoa - basically attributed to speculators closing positions has it down ~24% from highs but the geo-political situation (Ivory Coast) and the weather could leave the demand/supply situation lopsided

3. Rubber (JPY/kg)

First down ~20% since June highs which helped all users (Continental, Bridgestone), then the rally (Production fears) and now the fall of ~8% again in a couple of weeks seems there is a bounce in this commoditiy.

PS: All screenshot from Bloomberg.

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